Hey, Fellas — Hold My Saké And Watch This

Hey, Fellas — Hold My Saké And Watch This

Oh boy, more adventures on the Cyrillic side of Youtube. Any video title starting with a backwards R immediately garners my fullest attention, but I smell a rat. The fellow in the video is speaking Japanese and the video is obviously not taken from the dashcam of a minivan plowing through Saint Petersburg. So what gives? The distinct lack of vehicular manslaughter proves my point even further. Something is rotten in Denmark — err, I mean Vladivostok.

On closer inspection I have concluded that the video is a perfect hybrid of Japanese weirdness and Cyrillic nonsense. You have the Japanese fellow attempting to brush his teeth with an air pistol, and the Cyrillic gibberish to show that he means business. He does a pretty thorough job too, in between screams.

You’ll notice that he’s just as surprised as anyone else that it works.

[Many thanks to the illustrious Jonathan Frost-Johnson for sending us this video]

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