Let’s Play: Kill The Volvo

Let’s Play: Kill The Volvo

OK, maybe not kill The Volvo. Maybe dent the Volvo. Perhaps badly scratch the Volvo. Hows about ruin the Blue Book value of the Volvo?

Stand back. We’re going to attempt to discommode the Volvo apparatus.

5 thoughts on “Let’s Play: Kill The Volvo

  1. Let me be the first to congratulate you on a very very cool revamp – I like it. I also like the analogy – can’t kill a Volvo, can’t kill the blog.

    Well done sir!!

  2. Good to practice car crashes. My compliments.

    I already switched to this format with my portfolio blog. It gives you crazy stats for anyone who is interested in those. Looks great! No grass growing under your feet, sir.

  3. Hi Tom- Thanks for reading and commenting. Glad you like the redesign. Still working on it a bit.

    Hi Casey- Thanks for reading and commenting and linking.

    I like that this format allows endless scrolling, and by displaying thumbnails for each entry, the page loads faster.

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