Repaint, And Thin No More

Repaint, And Thin No More

Ever listen to a metal song, only not a recording? Death, Thrash, Speed, whatever; they’re all the same. Play one on a Spanish guitar, and sing it in your best “Happy Birthday-grade” voice. They all sound like nursery rhymes.

Let’s examine the phenomenon of context in music:

Works backward, too.

Andy Rehfeldt

(Thanks to Interpal Julie for sending the painting video along)

3 thoughts on “Repaint, And Thin No More

  1. That’s weird. I just mentioned you and Satchmo in a post today.

    No death metal, though. That’s why I come here.

    Oh! I saw a big fallacy when the three metalheads covered the bed with drop clothes. No mayhem ever happened with a drop cloth prep beforehand. That’s psychopathic, but definitely not sociopathic.

    Good night,folks! Have good night!

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