Toast. Serious Business

Toast. Serious Business

Let’s face it. Squidward Tentacles was right: In the future, everything is chrome. Or more accurately, we should go back to the future, and make everything chrome again. Your car should weigh three tons and get eight miles per gallon, and a full ton of that weight should be fins and chrome trim. Your washing machine should have some chrome on it, and shake your house to pieces on heavy wash cycles. And your toaster should be chrome, weigh more than a poodle, and work like this one.

One thought on “Toast. Serious Business

  1. I love that guy’s videos, even though he accepts the enviro-weenie lies. Except for that, he does a good job of explaining things in an entertaining way.

    For another (good?) use of a toaster like that one, look up “Heywood Banks Toast” on Youtube. Unfortunately, you get your choice of videos of him performing but lousy audio, or decent audio but no good video.

    Heywood really needs to be seen to be believed.

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