Getting Our Currency Back On The Rube Goldberg Standard

Getting Our Currency Back On The Rube Goldberg Standard

I believe that technically, this isn’t really a Rube Goldberg machine. I could be wrong, either way. It doesn’t really do something simple in a complicated way. It just falls down, sorta. Although, it’s certainly falling with style, ain’t it?

Please disregard the continent-sized forests that were flattened to produce enough Kapla blocks to produce this video. All those pine trees were blocking someone’s view of something important anyway, I’m sure, like four-lane highways or strip clubs or Walmarts. Of course the truly ecologically minded understand that you can always buy a wood furnace and burn the blocks for heat. There’s enough there for three heating seasons, easy. That makes this stash of blocks more valuable than the gross domestic product of several countries who’ve debased their currency. They should go back on the Rube Goldberg Standard, and use wood blocks for currency, and eliminate the middleman.

(Thanks to the estimable Charles Schneider for sending that one along)

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