Ice Kart Racing Is the New Hotness

Ice Kart Racing Is the New Hotness

Why isn’t this “a thing”? If it is a thing, I didn’t know it’s a thing. If it is a thing already, I apologize for not knowing it’s a thing. If it’s not a thing, I demand that it become a thing, pronto.

Honestly, axe throwing is a thing. Escape rooms are a thing. Talking on social media about pizza or tacos like they were caviar and Dom is a thing. They’re not nearly as cool, if you will, as ice kart racing. Of course the video is from Russia, where they have ice on July 4th at noon. But gentlemen, we cannot afford an ice kart gap!

(Thanks to longtime friend of the BSBFB, Charles Schneider, for sending that one along)

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