Evel Knievel. The Father of Our Social Media Country

Evel Knievel. The Father of Our Social Media Country

Get that? He’s a “professional daredevil.” Now there’s a man ahead of his time. Back in the day, you couldn’t get into trouble simply by asking to borrow a hole punch from a girl in your office. She knew what you really meant, and HR has been notified, you creep.

Anyway, way back before social media, you had to really try to get fired from your job. It was even harder to become a celebrity for no reason. Stunts were just stupid stuff you did with your friends for free until the police or the ambulance showed up. You’d only get your name in newspaper as a cautionary tale, not as a hero. It’s understandable, considering the times. The circus was still making its way across the country, setting up their flammable tents full of parolees, geeks, and fire eaters to amuse and delight. You had to up your game to get noticed by harming yourself. Evel Kneviel is one of the first to see the potential in busting his ankle for for views and likes. He’s the father of Tumblr, Giphy, and Twitter all rolled into one.

2 thoughts on “Evel Knievel. The Father of Our Social Media Country

  1. I saw Evel once. He only jumped three buses (end-to-end) because he had broken his back a week or so ago. He also brought out the “bike” on which he was going to jump the Snake River (it wasn’t what he ultimately used, it was a just a jet engine with three wheels and some handlebars). May have been the halftime show for Joie Chitwood’s Hell Drivers.

  2. Hi Johnny G- Sorry, your comment got swallowed up in the spam filter. I fixed it.
    Joie Chitwoood was da bomb. A real Borderline Sociopathic Boy.

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