Real Men Don’t Hate Their Jobs

Real Men Don’t Hate Their Jobs

That’s not to say their jobs are picnics, although you do have to eat sandwiches out in the open every day. Those gents are wearing hardhats and safety vests for a reason. For real men, jobs are jobs. You trade your sweat for some lucre. You’re not “passionate” about it, whatever that means. You’d do something easier if it was on offer, but increased difficulty translates into increased wages. And a piece of those wages gets you into a club on the weekend to show off your TikTok dance routine. In the meantime, your mates are a little tired, and dirty, and could use a little laugh to make the day go by faster. No sweat.


One thought on “Real Men Don’t Hate Their Jobs

  1. just must say , man has some sweet mooves. wish i could moonwalk on gravel like that;SWEET.

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