The Greatest Auto Manufacturing Plant in the World Is the Junkyard

The Greatest Auto Manufacturing Plant in the World Is the Junkyard

We’re Borderline Sociopathic boys. We’ve spent a lot of time at junkyards. Sometimes dropping off after we take a hairpin corner at 70 MPH, sometimes picking up our next beater. Of course we spent our pre-driving youth in the junkyard, too. We’d climb over the barbed-wire fence after hours and turn over the odd abandoned engine hood looking for snakes. For a true Borderline Boy, the junkyard is Disneyland. I don’t know why more businesses don’t pick up on that, and mine those places for all they’re worth.

Take for instance this modified and hyper-restored E-Type Jaguar. I want one. In the distant past, I would have wanted two of them, because one of them wouldn’t start, so you could drive the other, until the next day, when that one didn’t start, and you drove the other. But they seem to have straightened out everything under the hood, and recharged the Lucas Electrical Harness Smoke Reservoirs.

1. Buy a junkyard

2. Restore the cars


It beats making electric cars in a tent in Fremont. The batteries are already in the cars, and they’re full of sweet, sweet lead already. And remember, Mrs. Peel is never going to clamber into your Kia. Get a proper car.

One thought on “The Greatest Auto Manufacturing Plant in the World Is the Junkyard

  1. Yeah! Total Emma ride.

    I loved these back before loving something British felt, well, sick. No doubt they looked swooft, and the idea of junking one together is heady stuff.

    There was a short story once, about junking together a D. III tri plane, and it has always stuck in my mind.

    Junk yarding other pursuits? For me, that’s done on Google images, Pinterest, and photoshop. I call it “bone yarding.” There’s an ethical handrail, but when you need a foot or a calf, I say smell one up and Frankenstein’s yer doctor.

    Hey, this is fun.

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