2 thoughts on “It Blowed Up Real Good

  1. How true, and pertinent.

    When you participate in any such activity, you have to have the desire not to see the other person’s information because to do so would be to cheat yourself of the opportunity to beat them using your own exertions. It is the only urge strong enough to keep you from peeking. The desire to simply avoid being caught doing it is never enough.

    If you play 4 person card games like whist or bridge, one of the most annoying persons to play with is one who takes no care to shield their cards from others’ view, or makes what they believe are cryptic comments about the cards they are holding which are only cryptic if you’re an imbecile. You can never relax in a game with people endlessly revealing information you don’t want to see because it spoils the test of intellects and memory.

    I used to have to play golf for business, and I discovered everybody cheated, all the time. then they would write down the damndest lies on their own card, as if they were a stranger to themselves, and even collected bets, feeling not a pang of guilt because it was assumed the other person’s score was a bit of a fraud, too. I have never once witnessed even one golfer who wrote down an accurate score on his own card.

    I once asked, astonished, if another blogger really was using Google to search for crossword puzzle answers. Of Course! came the answer, how else would you finish them?

    The world is filled with intellectual and moral Rosie Ruizes.

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