You Wish You Were This Good at Your Job

You Wish You Were This Good at Your Job

I don’t know who this guy is. Lord only knows where the video is originally from. It’s splattered all over the Intertunnels as an animated gif and reposted by 700 YouTube thieves. Honestly, I’m not sure it’s important to know the guy’s name. He’s enjoying himself. Maybe that’s enough. But wait.

He’s not “enjoying himself.” He’s working, and very hard at that. Nothing is harder than making things look easy. I’m sure uncounted hours were spent learning to cook something with that much panache. He’s smiling all the time because that’s his job. You see, the persons watching him are supposed to be enjoying themselves, not him. He is giving the impression that he’s having a blast, and there’s nothing to it, to increase the enjoyment of the audience. To simply comment that you wish you could be as happy in your work as this guy is an insult to him. It’s like accusing him of being too dimwitted to hate his job the way you do.

If you’ve ever had a job that requires looking happy, you understand that his demeanor means nothing about him personally. His feet might be killing him, and he might have burned himself the day before, and his girlfriend might have run off with the plumber this morning. It’s his job to put on a brave face and make you think that making you an omelet is a stone groove. The show must go on, and he’s a performer.

And you? You’re just another tourist that takes four minutes and twenty seconds to turn your phone around the right way.

5 thoughts on “You Wish You Were This Good at Your Job

  1. Hibachi chefs are amazing. Day in, day out, hour after hour, they make it look easy. It’s always a pleasure to see that kind of mastery in action.

  2. My phone has a camera on both sides, so it only takes me 1 minute to find the correct button…

    ..and flinging food can be dangerous..
    “But Jacqueline Colaitis, the widow of fur magnate Jerry Colaitis, says her hubby died from injuries he suffered while dodging a shrimp flung into the air by one of Benihana‚Äôs playful chefs on Jan. 27, 2001.”

  3. Hi Earl- Thanks for reading and commenting at the BSBFB.
    By the way, I love that Beatles song too. You know, the one where he sings, “A girl with Colaitis goes by.”

  4. Visiting kids find it amusing when I break eggs one handed while cooking. But enough about me!

    I was looking for a cartoon rat in that tall chef hat, until he threw the spices up there.

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