Dunkin’ Disorderly

Dunkin’ Disorderly

No, not Halloween. I’m sick of Halloween, and October’s only half over. Let’s bust out the Christmas cheer. Maybe I’ll bust it out over your frickin’ head if you give me any trouble about it. Get in the Christmas spirit, or I’ll clock you one. Yeah, you, you spaz.

So this guy is looking at me in the drive through lane at Dunkin Disorderly. I mean, the guy’s looking at me. Right at me. So I look at this guy. And he’s looking at me. So I get out of the pickup, you know, to settle things. So I says, “What are you looking at, you two-toilet-Irish bozo?” So the guys says, I sh*t you not, he says, “I’m looking at you, looking at me, you frickin’ downcellar Eastie gump.” So I get the tire iron from behind the cab seat, and he gets a sawed-off baseball bat from his cah, and we settle it, right there, I tell you what.

I got my crullers, and he got to wait for the wreckah. Don’t mess with a guy in the Dunkin’ Disorderly drive-thru. It’s not a beverage. It’s a sacrament, you mutt. Probably a Jets fan.

4 thoughts on “Dunkin’ Disorderly

  1. I don’t know about Dunkin Donuts, but I have been drunk at a Krispy Kreme place eating hot donuts and watching the donuts go under the frosting thingamabob.

    It’s amazing how many donuts you can watch under those conditions. I tried to count them but my attention kept wandering.

  2. One must be drunk to like DunkinDoughnuts. Damn stuff is colored water. Sorry, wootah. Cullahd wootah.
    I want the coffee that puts hair on your chest. I want the stuff that came out of that guy’s broken generator.
    No offense to New Englanders, but get some freakin coffee shops!
    Wait! I just realized why they’re all fighting mad. No real coffee. You may have discovered the secret to world peace, Mr Acie.

  3. I miss SNL of the 70s – 80s. That wasn’t bad though. Thanks Max for weeding out a good one thru all the politics.

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