Boxing the Compass With Buster

Boxing the Compass With Buster

Back before the Star Wars/Star Trek debate. Before the Samantha Stevens/Jeannie dilemma. Back before the Morticia Addams/Lily Munster dustup. Back before the Ginger/Mary Ann contretemps. Way back before all that, there was the Charlie Chaplin/ Buster Keaton controversy. Who was the best physical comedian in the world? It’s still an open question.

Both actors were inspired. They were creators and innovators. They went to the orange groves of California and made an industry appear. They each had their own style. And each had a devoted following who would settle for no other…

Wait a second. Back up a minute. Everyone knows it was Mary Ann. Everyone.

3 thoughts on “Boxing the Compass With Buster

  1. Carolyn Jones. No contest.

    I recognize some moves the 3 Stooges picked up from Keaton. Brilliant.

  2. Charlie Chaplin’s characters were mean and nasty; Buster Keaton’s were nice, helpful men.

    Paul L. Quandt

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