Oddly Satisfying

Oddly Satisfying

No, the music is not oddly satisfying. The video is, however. That doesn’t reflect well on my personality. I like watching showboaters wiping out.

It’s probably because I can’t waterski barefoot. What’s worse, I know how to waterski. Knowing how to waterski just makes it possible for me to understand how hard it is to waterski without waterskis. There’s no hope that if I try hard enough, I could waterski barefoot, too.

So schadenfreude is all I’ve got. I’m enjoying watching barefoot waterskiers wiping out because that’s what I’d do. It’s the same sort of thrill you get watching a prima donna wide receiver spike the ball on the three yard line so he can start his unsportsmanlike conduct early. It’s the amusement you get when a bicycle racer raised his arms thirty feet short of the finish line of a twenty-five mile race while a guy who’s still pedaling passes him. Shadenfreude isn’t winning, but it’s ten percent better than trying and failing. I live on the margin.

One thought on “Oddly Satisfying

  1. Does your Schadenfreude know no bounds? Then, well, YOU GOT IT. If bounded, try harder.
    Tell your dad I said hi.

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