Colin Furze Has Done It Again

Colin Furze Has Done It Again

Well, we’re not sure if he’s done it again, because we’re not sure if he’s done it before. Honestly, we’re not really sure what the “it” is. As is usual, we can’t understand a word he’s saying. It doesn’t matter. Truth be told, since we don’t even know what he was trying to accomplish, we’re not sure if he’s accomplished what he was attempting to do, or failed miserably.

We don’t care. It’s the rockets red glare that we crave, and he’s got that in spades. We appreciate any effort by borderline sociopathic boys to blow stuff up. We especially appreciated the bloody thumb wrapped in duct tape on display at 1:14 in the video. It’s like he’s a brother from another mother.

[Thanks to faithful reader and friend Johnny Glendale for sending that one along]

5 thoughts on “Colin Furze Has Done It Again

  1. He lived, so the concern I had about strapping all that foam to his body is just a quibble. I wouldn’t have thought the foam would be protective, I would have worried about it catching fire. Which would have been the last little awe-inspiring cherry on the dangerous cake.

  2. Truly, truly remarkably … insane –

    Never know whether to laugh or weep (just a wee bit, p’raps) whenever I see what this certifiable monkey-wit has got up to, now…

    One can be thankful, one supposes, that he did NOT set himself on fire…this time, anyway…

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