It’s Knot Easy

It’s Knot Easy

Get it? It’s a joke. A pun. Knot easy is a pun. A pun is just like a joke, only not funny. Knot funny, if you will.

Do you know who never used puns? Men who gnu how to tie knots. I mean, knew how to tie knots. Sailors who did more than enter regattas. Painters, carpenters, and window washers who needed to set up rigging for planks when hanging off the side of tall structures. Believe you me, if your life depended on the quality of your knots, you’d learn more than the “tie your shoes” knot.

I like the host of this video. He’s dull. There’s no hyperbole. There’s no attempt at clickbait. He calls the knots “essential.” They are, if you ever find yourself on the business end of real work out in the landscape. Learning to tie them correctly might save you from losing your boat, trailer, staging, dog, or cargo. They might even save you embarrassment when your girlfriend reads Fifty Shades of Grey, and wonders why you can’t tie knots like that.

2 thoughts on “It’s Knot Easy

  1. Those are the Boy Scout knots, which I sucked at. Then, when I took up rock climbing, I had the shazam moment where knots became critical.

    I find knots to be critical to BSBFB Life.

    Carry on.

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