Matchbox Cars >Hot Wheels. Discuss

Matchbox Cars >Hot Wheels. Discuss

Oh yeah. With God as my witness, Matchbox cars totally kicked Hot Wheel butt. I realize, however, that I’m the only person still breathing who thinks that.

For one thing, Matchbox cars were the last British cars that worked. It wasn’t long after this video was made that British industry switched over full time to manufacturing nothing but Lucas Replacement Wiring Harness Smoke kits, P/N 530433.

So Matchbox cars were British, and Hot Wheels were American. Hot Wheels were swollen and gaudy and childish and garish and stupid and fast. That’s American through and through. Matchbox cars were elegant and refined and handsome and accurate and sedate. So very UK.

So Hot Wheels wiped out Matchbox cars, and then all the factories moved to Japan, and we all lost interest. Now all we have to argue about is what to call soccer. It’s soccer, by the way. We Americans can’t play it, but at least we know what it’s called.

2 thoughts on “Matchbox Cars >Hot Wheels. Discuss

  1. Hot Wheels with the Fat Track? C’mon, that was, as they might say today, dope. We once took all the kids’ tracks in the neighborhood (I tried using “hood” but…c’mon, it was Oklahoma) and built the longest straightaway in history (The Guinness folks weren’t there, though, so…). Again, as they might say today (or ten years ago, I’m never sure), it was epic.

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