Flying Is Just Falling With Style

Flying Is Just Falling With Style

I noticed something a little different about this video. Something out of place in a typical jumping off stuff video. This guy is actually smiling.

It’s not the typical forced smile from the energy drink wildman plunging off the tallest building in Trashcanistan with a GoPro on his head, either. The dude in this video is grinning from ear to ear, all the time. He’s smiling before be starts, after he fishes himself out of the water hole, and everywhere in between. He really looks like he’s enjoying himself.

He can’t be too bright, is all I can conjecture. Dumb as a fencepost. If he had a brain in his head, he wouldn’t jump off stuff. He certainly wouldn’t smile while he did it. He’d be meek as a mouse, like the average person is.

Thank God he’s no genius. What would we have done with the last 2:21?

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  1. … and the “In Memory Of …” lists 2 people that died jumping off of rocks …

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