Beware Old Man Strength

Beware Old Man Strength

The young feller didn’t beware old man strength. He pays for it. You have to watch out for those wiry old codgers, or they’ll sneak up on you. One minute they’re taking out their teeth, and the next minute they’re removing yours. You can’t take them lightly.

The old timer is 62. You can learn a lot of dirty tricks in 62 years. The youngster fights him like he’s just another guy. But he’s not. He’s old. Old people are sneaky. Old people are underhanded and malicious. Most of all, old people are always tired, and don’t really want to fight. They beat you by hook or by crook, as fast as they can, so they can find a chair in the shade. Don’t sleep on them, or they’ll put you down for a nap.

One thought on “Beware Old Man Strength

  1. “Spinning backfist?” Don’t call beauty like this a spinning backfist.

    Call it a whirleybird. Or a burley word. Or something majestic.

    Even MMA is going to the dogs. The old timer remembers when MMA was real hype.

    OK, that’s all I got. Any shade to sit in around here?

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