You Had Me at “A Posse of Bullet-Proof She-Nazis”

You Had Me at “A Posse of Bullet-Proof She-Nazis”

I’m never sure whether I want my camp entertainment to be intentionally camp or not. There’s an adolescent fun in discovering absurd entertainment that’s made by people who are dead serious about what they’re doing. Serious sauce makes absurdity tastier.

James Bond movies are camp classics. They’re somehow better because few people thought they were campy. I think Ian Fleming was serious when he wrote that stuff. Sean Connery stood around looking bemused, and it helped with the final effect. What else was there to do? The joke was lost on a lot of people, culminating in the most recent batch of Bond movies with the little muscle hamster they hired to transition from The Spy Who Loved Me to The Bourne Octopussy Terminator. It’s kinda tedious if you’re serious without the camp.

So Danger 5 is the same kind of dumb fun as the Batman TV series from the 60s, with a heaping helping of live-action Thunderbirds plot devices. We could do worse, and have.

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