This Year’s Model

This Year’s Model

Maybe it’s just me, but auto racing doesn’t seem to have the pizzazz it used to have. Even this Ferrari F 187 is too “new” for my tastes. I much prefer watching the old footage of colorful men driving black and white cars. Now the men are colorless.

It’s not up to me to decide if auto racing is accomplishing anything, or even if it’s amusing. Auto racing is considered a place where the technical aspects of auto performance are hashed out first, but eventually make their way into regular cars. I’m sure there’s a lot to that. There’s one detail of the specs for this Ferrari that caught my eye. That’s a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine squatting over the rear wheels. It produced 880 horsepower. A 2016 Honda Civic is also available with a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine. It produces, well, some amount of horsepower.

One thought on “This Year’s Model

  1. Beautiful cah. The golden era of F1, much safer now, but nothing like 70’s – 90’s.

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