It Got Skwirly at de Aind

It Got Skwirly at de Aind

I’m not sure of the fundamental utility of these rototillers. It looks like it would be hard to make the turn at the bottom of the pea patch and head back the other way. Boys will be boys, however. Thank goodness for that. If boys wouldn’t be boys, this blog would be a cold and lonely place. We need stalwart dudes like these fellers to keep the lights on and the Pulitzers rolling in.

You can tell that the cameraman is also a boy being a boy. About 50 seconds in, a well-upholstered woman in a low-cut top wanders into his 180th-degree peripheral vision, and he jerks the camera to attention like a duck on a June bug. Then he remembers he might miss the race and get snickered at, and turns back to witness the world record for rototilling. It appears to my eye that the field is already rototilled, so technically it should be the world record for re-rototilling, but what do I know?

To all my urban hipster friends who would denigrate these proceedings, and pull a snob at the yokels and their retrograde interests, I might point out that they at least know how to take a horizontally-oriented video, and point the camera at the thing that is happening. That’s more than the iPhone population can handle.

[Thanks to longtime contributor Dad of Homeschoolers for sending that one along]

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  1. Yes, yes indeed. If I’m not mistaken that’s Honda’s venerable 750cc DOHC mounted on the winning machine. You just know that someone is already in the shop, welding up a frame sturdy enough to take the thrust of the Hayabusa motor. Has to be.

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