Braving the Himalayas

Braving the Himalayas

No, not the mountain climbers. They’re pansies. They get carted around and carried hither and yon like an effete toddler on the way to Montessori school. It’s the hired help who are brave.

They’re brave because they drive on roads like that every day. Hell, their brethren cut that road through solid rock to get Percy Devonshire Smythe the IV to the base of some pile of rocks he wants to climb to take a selfie.

They’re brave because they’re playing Russian Roulette with four bullets in the gun, not one. They live with the danger every day, all day. The mountain climbers will get frostbite and their bearers will carry them on their backs and put them back on the bus like gradeschoolers. They’re brave because they take risks for a reason instead of on a lark. They’re stalwart because they listen to the kind of people who ride recumbent bicycles, and who windsurf while wearing a costume, without punching them in the face.

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