Real Men: The Antipodes

Real Men: The Antipodes

So, yesterday we showed you real men at work. Today, we show you — something else. I’m not sure what to call it, actually. It’s some kind of scrawny bird that’s twitching and trembling from fright. Every sound in the world seems to make it skittish. Someone is trying to take its picture, like it’s the last passenger pigeon in the world or something, but the timid creature won’t stand still.

It’s lucky for this brilliantine stick insect that Audubon isn’t still making his bird books. Audubon shot and stuffed all his specimens so he could paint them at his leisure. This little guy’s safe in his white paper birdcage, but if he goes outside and encounters a stiff breeze or raindrops, I assume he’ll collapse in a heap of tears or disappear with a poof in a cloud of Lacoste Blue.

Don’t get me started on whoever it is taking the video with the phone held the wrong way. In a room full of cameramen.

(Many thanks to Charles Schneider for sending that one along. I think)

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