Oh, Look. Real Men

Oh, Look. Real Men

I don’t see this ever going wrong

They’re hunted to extinction now, but thank God someone got a picture of real men while they were still walking the Earth. I have it on good authority that this is the way real men acted back in the day. They weren’t afraid of a hot rivet, of course, because ten years before this, they’d been shot at by the Wehrmacht and the Imperial Japanese Navy.

There were no more asses to kick, so they went to work and made things. They bound steel together with hot rivets. That’s what men do. Stuff like that. One guy brings in his barbecue grill, another guy brings in a funnel used to change the oil on a 35-foot-long Buick two-door coupe, and the other guys bang away with hammers sissy Thor characters from today’s Disney movies couldn’t lift. At lunch time they ate balogna sandwiches on white bread and drank black coffee.

These were men. Look on them, and be ashamed.

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