On Today’s Episode of Driving While Cyrillic…

On Today’s Episode of Driving While Cyrillic…

Yeesh. What is it about turning your “A”s upside down and your “R”s backwards that makes everyone into the Road Warrior? I’ve never seen so many accidents where everyone is at fault. The person crashing, the person they’re crashing into, the person that’s recording it — everyone’s always up to something in Russia.

While there are a few garden-variety fender benders mixed in with the truly interesting mayhem, none of it can hold a candle to the cop that makes an appearance at 4:15. That tovarisch is hardcore, I tell you what.

2 thoughts on “On Today’s Episode of Driving While Cyrillic…

  1. They’re totally oblivious to the fact that snow is slippery and speeding on snow does not improve traction.

  2. I find “driving in Russia” vids to be highly entertaining. Apparently it is common for them to have dash cams to prove liability for accidents in lieu of purchasing expensive liability insurance.

    After watching several of these vids, I note that unlike here in the US, where when confronted with a dangerous or sketchy traffic issue, our first tendency is to brake, in Russia, they hit the gas – and hit it good.

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