No Wonder I Can Never Find My 5/16″ Sockets

No Wonder I Can Never Find My 5/16″ Sockets

I had no idea what was going on in my toolboxes. Every time I go in there looking for a rusty lump of steel masquerading as a tool, I can never seem to find it. I always thought it was because I left it on the garage floor. Or on the air cleaner under the hood.

Or on the bumper. Or on the chassis near the bolt I was working on. Or on top of the battery. Or on the floor in the closet. Or next to the water heater. Or behind the oil burner. Or under the dishwasher.

If I had any idea these tools were eating each other, I’d have quit looking for them when they weren’t in the tool box, and just bought new ones.

One thought on “No Wonder I Can Never Find My 5/16″ Sockets

  1. That’s awesome!

    Some creature in my engine compartment usually eats my tools. It has a taste for expensive Craftsmen sockets, mostly.

    My arm is buried deep down the side of a friggen chevy small block, trying to get a socket properly seated in place when it simply slips away and begins its descent into oblivion:

    Socket: clink…
    Me: Fuuuu…!!!
    Socket: cla-clink…
    Me: Fall through!.. Fall through you f****er!
    Socket: Cla-clink..clink… Clink…
    Me: *%$@^%%!! Fall through!!!!
    Socket: Cla-clink…. Clunk…

    That last clunk is never the sound of the socket hitting the pavement underneath the vehicle. Never.

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