Don’t Make Me Cut Chu, Ese!

Don’t Make Me Cut Chu, Ese!

Woah! Do you know who you’re messing with, ese? I’m Mr. Krabs! Don’t chu know that I’m loco, ese? I’ll cut chu, mang. Don’t make me cut chu, mang! I’ll cut chu up and use chu in krabby patties, mang. I’ll cut your whole family, ese!

Don’t come any closer, mang! Do you want to get cut? I’m tellin chu, I’m as loco as they come, ese! One time, there was this Plankton guy trying to steal my secret formula. I bet chu can guess what happened to him. It wasn’t pretty, mang!

One thought on “Don’t Make Me Cut Chu, Ese!

  1. I’m contacting my Congress-Critter! What we need is another law that says “transferring weapons to sea-life is a class eleventy felony’.

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