Could A Holiday Hurt A Person?

Could A Holiday Hurt A Person?

Have you got any rat poison? What sort? What’s it made of, what’s it do, why do they die? I mean, could it kill a pet? A rather large pet? A sort of, almost, person-sized pet. What would it do, to say, a 50-year-old woman? Would it dissolve her stomach and make her lungs bleed until she drowned? Could it be detected in casserole? What would it do to the face? Would it be hideously contorted? What would it do to this face?

Have you got anything that effects faces? Something that will make the skin melt, painfully? What would that rake do to the human head? I mean, would it go through the skull or just embed itself in it?

Have you got any battering spades, battering spades, for battering a person; or curtain wire. You know, something very thin but strong that you can grip, with marigolds? Have you got any hammers that will smash bone? Spot on.

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