No Stairway To Heaven — Or Linkin Park

No Stairway To Heaven — Or Linkin Park

I wonder how long until this baby hits the market. It’s like a slightly crappier version of a regular Stratocaster, just like most Fender guitars. it even sounds just like a Strat. Well, it goes out of tune just as quickly as a regular Strat, so it has that going for it.

I wonder how long it will take for the neck to completely snap off due to the string tension. They must have had a good hours-worth of shooting time before that thing was completely unplayable. By the time they got to the last guy, the strings were a half-inch off of the neck. Then again, it wouldn’t have helped much if the strings were where they were supposed to be — he’s the guitar player for Linkin Park, so there’s no helping him.

2 thoughts on “No Stairway To Heaven — Or Linkin Park

  1. Wouldn’t work in my city in California – they can’t even ask, “Paper or plastic?” anymore – you have to bring your own germ-ridden, re-used, smelly plastic that they make you buy. Well, they don’t make me, I carry everything out in the cart and put it loose in the trunk, then make 96 trips into the house when I get home. And then a week later, I find the Hamburger in the trunk. Aged just right. Show them, I will. What were we talking about?

  2. Hi Charles, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

    I think we were talking about the weather or something, I’m not too sure anymore either.

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