Go Pro — Be A Hero, But Please Don’t Sue

Go Pro — Be A Hero, But Please Don’t Sue

I told him not to do it, but no one listens to me when I shout at my computer screen. Perhaps I’m missing the point of how the Intertunnel works, but that really doesn’t matter. I think that he really missed the point of how gravity works, and that’s much more important. At least I don’t ride my bike off a cliff because the intricacies of the magical Intertunnel escape me — I do that because I feel like it.

Immediately I can see a few flaws in his plan. First of all, he’s riding a bicycle off a cliff. Second, he forgot to deploy his parachute. Third, he forgot to bring his parachute. Now, I can spot a host of other problems, but those seem to be the main issues. Whenever I hear Sail blaring in the background, I drop everything I’m holding and take cover below my desk because something big is about to go down. Someone is going to jump the shark. As soon as Sail started playing he should have gotten off the bike and gone into the fetal position.

In short, everyone would be much better off if they listen to me when I shout at the computer screen. A lot of strife could be easily avoided.

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