The Love Master Knows Cranes

The Love Master Knows Cranes

The Love Master Knows Cranes. That’s a given. You know the Germans always make good stuff. But what are they hiding?

What is it with the Germans and tank treads? It’s like they always have a trip to Moscow in the snow on their minds. Summer in Warsaw. That sort of thing. And calling yourselves the “Love Master” on the side of your, ahem — cranes —  isn’t fooling anyone. The whole “master” thing smacks of Ilsa the She-Wolf of the SS kinda attitude. It just doesn’t sound like smooching and holding hands and all that jazz.

I have no idea what those cranes are doing at the dock, but I do know that Greece owes Germany a lot of money; and if I were them, I’d look out for an amphibious crane invasion by 7 AM sharp, tomorrow morning. They may be repossessing the Acropolis or something.

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