You’ll Fry Your Eye Out, Kid!

You’ll Fry Your Eye Out, Kid!

Lasers — lasers are cool. Lasers have topped the yearly cool list since their introduction in the 60s. While other cool items have gone out of fashion, lasers have remained steady in their position of coolness. They’ve outlasted everything from leather pants to wearing sunglasses at night. Even at their advanced age,  lasers still climbing the charts to the top of the coolness list as modern fashion and pop culture runs out of ugly things for us to wear and useless trinkets like an iPhone for us to carry around.

Rockets wish they were lasers. That’s how cool lasers are.  Kennedy was president the last time rockets were cooler than lasers, and they’ve been losing ground ever since. The space shuttle looks like the US Post Office owns it, not Buck Rogers or a Klingon or anything. Not. Cool. Only Miles Davis is cooler than lasers, but he’s been dead for a long time, so lasers might eventually catch up. I’m fairly certain that NASA sent a Saturn V to the moon in 1969 just to get a new angle at looking at at Miles Davis. So lasers are the default number one cool thing on Earth, at least until we manage to reanimate Miles Davis. Using lasers, natch.

One thought on “You’ll Fry Your Eye Out, Kid!

  1. OK, nicely done.
    But why are Americans barred from buying regular hi power lasers and reduced to work arounds like this?

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