James Cameron Eat Your Heart Out

James Cameron Eat Your Heart Out

Still better than the CGI George Lucas raped the first three Star Wars movies with. Personally, I prefer to use bad CGI in a movie whenever possible. It adds an extra layer of entertainment to the giant pile of fetid frosting that is a modern movie. It’s my humble opinion that bad movies are much better than good ones. A good movie can get old. The way it’s filmed might seem outdated in a few years, the colors look all wrong after a few decades, and any video effects look cheesy within the year. If you make a movie that is so terrible you can’t look away, it will live on forever.

I feel like it would be in everyone’s best interest to agree that terrible should become a movie genre. When I say terrible, I don’t mean that the movie is really bad and should be avoided. I mean the kind of terrible that keeps you up at night thinking about how bad it was. The kind of terrible that has you quoting every other line because it’s all a bunch of weird nonsense. When I say terrible I don’t mean the Godfather Part III or any of the Transformers movies; I mean masterpieces like Turkish Star Wars or The Room.

It’s like Hamlet if Shakespeare had been dropped on his head a lot as a child. It’s indescribably beautiful.

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