2 thoughts on “I Don’t Know And Don’t Care What’s Going On In This Video. I Only Know I Adore It

  1. Man, you (and we gentle readers) are getting spammed lately.


    I was going to say, the heavy metal War Pigs is the perfect foil for the guy with the light metal ankles in this vid. I’m weird like that.

  2. “Adore”!?!? Borderline Sociopathic Boys don’t use words like farking “adore”!

    Borderline Sociopathic Boys make videos with flamethrowers and medieval bike ramps. And most freaking’ especially, they use music with nuclear shelter sirens, bass lines from the depths of purgatory, ear splitting guitar riffs and a lead singer aptly nicknamed ‘The Prince of Darkness’.

    “Adore” shouldn’t be within 6 miles of this video. Go stand in the corner until further notice.

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