Bombs Away

Bombs Away

Sorry about the dreadful auto-tuned teenybopper music. 

The Collings Foundation restores and flies WWII vintage warplanes, and barnstorms around the country showing them off. If they’re ever near where you are, you should go and see them. I took my father to see the very plane in this video, and two others that they display. But then again, he told me no one in their right mind would ever jump out of a perfectly good plane.

Miss you, dad.

5 thoughts on “Bombs Away

  1. I kind of liked the music actually – kind of an auto-tuned Celtic kind of thing.

    I’ve been contributing to the Collings Foundation over the years – probably every new restoration they attempt, I send along $100. I was very privileged to see the first test flight of Misty 1 a few years back.

  2. In Seattle, one can occasionally see a couple of Flying Fortresses winging overhead. Always stops me in my tracks.

    That father post of yours was my introduction to your blog, and I have been a fan ever since. Having a WW II veteran for your father is an incredible legacy.

  3. My dad was a Navigator in PB4Y-2’s out of Okinawa: VPB-124. Feb 2008. Sure was glad we got to go when we did- he said the walkways inside the B-24 were much smaller than they used to be

  4. I met a guy at the store who used to fly Catalinas in the Phillippines. Said that when they were relieved on Christmas eve 1944 it took them 7 days to fly to Hawaii ‘cuz they were so slow. 7 days to fly just to Hawaii.

  5. Got a ride in 909. Damned small inside when it looked big from outside. Brave men flew in them.

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