Big Deal. Let’s See You Pedal Up It, Tough Guy

Big Deal. Let’s See You Pedal Up It, Tough Guy

The video is much improved if you supply your own soundtrack. As he descends, loudly say owowOWOW ow ow OW OW owowowowowo OW! ow ow OWW!! over and over again.

(thanks to the Borderline healthy Gerard at American Digest for doing all the work around here)

3 thoughts on “Big Deal. Let’s See You Pedal Up It, Tough Guy

  1. Oh, yeah- well- I’d go for that on my chopper any day except that the bike came with a sticker saying Jumps and Wheelies Not Recommended! Otherwise I’d be right on that stuff!


  2. True story…..

    I have an acquaintance who rolled a car about 10 years ago and ended up as a quadriplegic. I visited him a couple of times in the rehab hospital where new quads and others with spinal cord injuries learn how to live lives no one can prepare for.

    It is a huge change. How does one learn to get a body which he no longer has any control over out of bed? How do you go to the bathroom? How do you hold a fork? How do you drive?

    Anyway, Don pointed to another guy in this clinic….a 20-something who had a lower spinal break than Don did and had full use of his arms. This guy had broken his back after going over the handlebars of his mountain bike, and was coming to the realization that he had had the last erection of his life.

    These adventurous videos, while fun to watch, do sometimes come at a steep cost.

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