8 thoughts on “If Krusty The Klown And Evel Knievel Had A Love Child

  1. I’ve often wondered why unicycles don’t have free wheeling pedals. Seems like such a simple concept – it just like a regular bike except it doesn’t have a front wheel.

    Or is that not “fair” or part of the mystique?

  2. Looks like my (wet) neck of thew woods.

    We saw Mad Dog Murdoch ride a unicycle with a straight jacket on the other day, so, y’know. Oh, that was fiction!

  3. In one of the most surreal moments of my life, I was in Salt Lake City one day, walking down the street, when a guy wearing bright purple spandex came cruising past on a unicycle.

    Ever since, no matter how awesome the stunts, it just never looks cool.

  4. Hi everyone- Thanks for reading and commenting.

    Tom- A unicycle doesn’t work unless you can pedal it backwards, too.

    Hi Casey- Mad dogs, Englishmen, and Murdoch, I guess.

    Hi Julie- As far as cool goes, it’s further away from cool than a recumbent bicycle, which is so far away from being cool that you need two bus transfers just to get to the deserted road it lives on.

  5. Ah, yeah. The recumbent bike thing. Remember, there are recumbents, and then there are- well

    I thinks mine’s kinda’ cool, despite the laid back seating.

    JW(no uncool bikes) M

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