5 thoughts on “No One Can Beat Up An Imaginary Person Standing Just In Front Of An Adversary Like This Guy

  1. Yikes – I’d hate to be his imaginary enemy!

    On a side note, I wonder how wise it is for the other guy to be so well-practiced in not flinching when someone’s throwing those kind of moves that close to his face? Under-reacting I understand, but I can’t help thinking eventually he’s going to get clocked when he least expects it because the other guy forgot to pull his punch or his kick…

  2. No one can be beaten up by an imaginary person quite like Michael Richards. One must see his routine to believe how funny it is. This, however, is not funny – it is deadly. Fortunately few have the discipline to get that good. My kid is a 5th degree Kung Foo San Soo black belt – he got the discipline – don’t know from where but he does have it. I wonder if he is this fast? I can’t watch him – it scares me. Thanks for posting this interesting stuff. The wire walker was something else – really blew my mind.

  3. Hi all- Thanks for reading and commenting.

    I think I see the other fellow flinch. It’s automatic; autonomic. What he does is control himself, so that it’s almost imperceptible. He’s trained himself, as surely as the fellow pulling his punches has. In a way, it’s more difficult, because not all of it is under your control.

    I’d never seen that form of martial arts. Like Casey said- it looked like serious business to me.

  4. I was kind of hoping that the big dude in the black T-shirt would haul off and deck him once.

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