6 thoughts on “What The Borderline Sociopathic Boy Does For Street Music If He Can’t Lay His Hands On A Couple Of Plastic Five-Gallon Pails

  1. Wow. That’s beyond cool, you have to have some seriously good intonation to be able to pull that off.

    Speaking of Aussies and loop tracks and one man shows, I had the pleasure of seeing this guy in concert a few years ago, as the warm up act for his old man. When I saw him, he didn’t have the backup chick, it was all just him. (Well, okay, they’re from new Zealand. Close enough.) Different sound, but I like the spirit of play.

  2. Indeed. We were pretty lucky – the concert was at a tiny venue in Tempe, the warm up for a Crowded House reunion tour. Standing room only, so we stood right on up at the front.

  3. From the borderline sociopathic old man who built those bitching towers that scared the crap out of people..

    Love this music. Thanks a million for your blog and the light you shine on things under our feet. Im buyin a cd as we speak

    God Bless
    Bill Henry

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