If You Have To Ask Why, You’re On The Wrong Webpage

If You Have To Ask Why, You’re On The Wrong Webpage

I don’t wonder why a guy would make a Bigfoot bike out of a garden-variety bicycle. This is the BSBFB. We wonder why everyone doesn’t turn their bike into a pedal-powered monster truck.

We do wonder, however, why this video can get 42 million views, and no one points out that you shouldn’t weld galvanized metal like he does in the video. Welding galvanized metal gives you what welders call zinc shakes, galvie flu, welding shivers, or the ominous foundry ague. Welding galvie metal makes you feel like you’ve got four kinds of flu at the same time.

You can look it up on Wikipedia if you want, but they don’t know what they’re talking about. Welders cure galvie flu by drinking copious amounts of milk. It works. I know it works because I’ve had the zinc shakes and drank milk and it went away almost immediately. Wiki says it doesn’t work, because someone answers a question that no one asked, which is whether drinking milk prevents welding shivers. Makes me wonder if Wikipedia is against giving armed robbery victims blood infusions, because blood infusions won’t stop gunshot wounds.

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