Shiver Me Timbers, Eh?

Shiver Me Timbers, Eh?

The John Franklin Expedition through the Canadian arctic was quite an undertaking. However, the mysterious details of the expedition are even more fascinating. Parks Canada will unveil the historical artifacts of the HMS Erebus and the HMS Terror for all the world to see. We will find out about every nook and cranny of this expedition in the name of history.

Personally, I’d like to find out how all those plates and bottles stayed in their shelves underwater. I need that kinda tech in my house.

One thought on “Shiver Me Timbers, Eh?

  1. My compliments, DentOn.

    Never mind the wreckage story! I am still waiting for them to force that Northwest Passage! I am freezing cheeks here in the Northwest, and I had an order of buffalo hides and whale oil and they promised it!

    If I have to wait any longer, I will have to get my things via Amazon drone. And you know I don’t want to do that.

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