Climbing the 14 Highest Mountains in the World in 6 Months

Climbing the 14 Highest Mountains in the World in 6 Months

That’s not normal. It’s Nirmal. Nirmal Purja that is. He’s a Nepali climber, and he’s just smashed the record for climbing every mountain in the world over 8,000 meters high. The best part? he wasn’t interested in mountain climbing until seven years ago. Then he got really interested.

Purja grew up in Nepal’s low-lying Chitwan region. At 18, he joined the Nepalese Ghurkas, a regiment in the British Army, and served for 16 years, including 10 years in the Special Forces. He didn’t set eyes on the giants of the Himalaya until 2012, and almost immediately fell in love with climbing the big peaks. In March of this year, Purja quit the military, abandoned his pension, remortgaged his house, and started off on what he called Project Possible, a mission to climb all 14 of the world’s biggest peaks in seven months. With Project Possible, he hoped to inspire people to tap into their potential. (read more at Outside Online)

It took the last record holder, South Korean Kim Chang-Ho, eight years to climb them all. I don’t know about you but I couldn’t fall down those mountains as fast as Nirmal climbed up them. The BSBFB salutes you!

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