Hang On a Minute, I’m Hurling

Hang On a Minute, I’m Hurling

I barely know what’s going on, because no one in the video speaks English, but I like hurling so I hung in there. I’m also unsure why the host is talking into a popsicle with BALLS written on it, but I don’t judge.

To my unaided eye, the Wexford and Kilkenny teams seem to be a bit robotic. The crowd is somewhat subdued, too. The players run funny, as well. It’s like their cleats don’t fit quite right. Perhaps they’re poor folks, and can’t afford proper footgear, so I won’t mention it again.

You know, I got used to broadcasts of American football with the first down line projected onto the screen. It only took me five or six years to adjust. So I imagine I’ll get used to having little arrows, nametags, weird concentric circles, and incomprehensible symbols in a box all over the screen. Luckily, the announcers speak the international language of organized sports: They yell GOAL GOAL GOAL GOAL! It really helps.

So I figure I understand what’s going on pretty well, all things considered. However, I still have one question about the video’s title. What’s a “Playstation”? Is that the brand of television they’re watching the broadcast on?

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