Now Grab a Shovel

Now Grab a Shovel

Working below your feet is awful. Bending over all day to work on stuff at ground level is bad enough, but if it’s in a trench, and you’re not, it’s ten times worse. This guy’s got it all figured out. You stand in the trench, and you glue up all the bell and spigot joints at around waist level because the pipe is lying on the ground. Then you get out of the trench and crack the whip.

The internet is full of backseat drivers and Monday morning quarterbacks, so the comments appended to this video snarkily point out that the stress on the pipe as it rolls into the trench might cause leaks. Ahem. You see that apparatus at the end of the run? That’s a walking irrigator. The pipe carries water to spray on a crop, not crude oil or natural gas or something. So what if it leaks a bit? It just gets to the roots that much faster.

Now grab a shovel. The easy work is already done.

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