Flying in a B-25 Mitchell Bomber

Flying in a B-25 Mitchell Bomber

B-25s are “medium” bombers. That means they’re the flying equivalent of a ratted out pickup truck. They can still carry a load in the bed, but they’re built for speed, not big hauling. Compared to a B-24, a B-25 is a Ferrari. The glass nose cone is alternatingly exhilarating and terrifying, I imagine, depending on whether you’re seeing the sights or getting shot at.

If you ever get a chance to visit an air show where these planes are exhibited, by all means go. If you feel like robbing a convenience store on the way to the airstrip, you might be able to afford a ride in one, too.

2 thoughts on “Flying in a B-25 Mitchell Bomber

  1. I’m going to try to visit the USAF air show in Spokane, next month. Looking forward to an eyeful of cool stuff.

    Just getting to touch an artifact from WW II is amazing enough, but flying around in one is stone cold cool.

    BTW, I am decorating the “nose art” on an M4 Sherman tank the next time I can get out to Colorado. Feeling privileged (I mean, not deserving, but …)

  2. Casey! We must have a picture of your tank nose art for the BSBFB. Get out your recumbent bicycle and pedal to Colorado if you must, but git er dun.

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