Led Zeppelin Jr.

Led Zeppelin Jr.

If you were Led Zeppelin Jr., wouldn’t that make also make you the Percy Yardbirds the third? And wouldn’t that make you Chester Arthur Burnett the fourth?

Well, I’m not sure of the official rules of patrilineal lines of succession, but Greta Van Fleet is definitely the Prince of Wales for the kingdom of Bonzo. I don’t know much about matrilineal lines of succession, either, so I’m not sure where Jo Van Fleet fits  into the equation.

No matter what they sound like, I’m not sure we can award Greta Van Fleet the title of Led Zeppelin Jr. yet. The lead singer needs to lose the “I just bought a Subaru Outback and a golden retriever” footwear, and grow a little chest hair. If he has any shortcomings in that department, be can always visit the Chest Hair Club for Men. Remember, I’m not only the president of Chest Hair Club for Men, I’m also a client.

One thought on “Led Zeppelin Jr.

  1. What manner of witch trickery is this? This is not unlike the experience one has when he votes for fiscal retreat, and gets the mineshaft of debt instead. A youth opens his mouth, and out pops a classic Sixties/Seventies voice? The band plays a bygone era like a boss?

    What makes it so unbelievable is the context of the present; sucky bands of Sucksville abounding: no sign of life anywhere.

    It makes you want so badly to believe in them. I went to You Tube: no evidence. Are they a CIA plant, or is it just that YouToob is passé, and I’m an old codger? Don’t answer that.

    I see their tour is here in 5 days. Maybe I will get to the bottom of this…

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