Drive Thru Metal Rules!

Drive Thru Metal Rules!

That’s Mac Sabbath. They’re a self-described “Drive Through Metal” band. Back in the day, when English was still a thing, and we didn’t verb all the nouns, and we knew where the apostrophes went, we simply called this a novelty act. I’m sure the band would come at me with knives if I called them that. People take their fun seriously these days. I’m sure the band and their fans think this parody is trenchant somehow. A scathing disquisition of the fast food restaurant industry. I’ll grant that it’s certainly a brand of dumb fun.

There’s a small problem with their approach, I think. It makes me like fast food restaurants more than I did before I watched the video. The mascots for fast food restaurants have always been pretty lame. They’re straight out of a 1940’s second-tier traveling circus. Ronald McDonald has more than a hint of Emil the Low Bidder Clown, available for birthday parties and car wash openings.

Unlike legions of bored, chain-smoking, world-weary clowns of the past, who took jobs as weathermen as soon as they could get out of the greasepaint business, Mac Sabbath has literally devoted their lives to worshiping restaurants that shove food out of a hole in the wall. They’re more committed to McDonald’s than Ray Kroc was. It doesn’t matter why. The end result is selling more burgers.

That’s why I think McDonalds should, ahem, think outside the box, and they should hire Mac Sabbath.  After all, anything’s better than, “I’m Lovin’ It.

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  1. I grew up watching Corky the Clown in St. Louis, who was (simultaneously) Clif St. James, the weatherman. His obit says he sometimes had to run from one studio to the other, and so occasionally Corky did the weather report.

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