5 thoughts on “Falling With Style

  1. Before I look at the video, let me guess – Red Bull will be the sponsor.

    Ok – so Red Bull was A sponsor, but still…. :>)

    It is beautiful to watch. Also interesting that their glide ratio seems to be 2 to 2.5 to 1 – for every foot they advance, they fall 2 feet or more.

  2. There’s a societal lesson in this video, and This one

    It’s guys who do this shit, who extend the envelope of what’s possible. The chickification of America is the prime reason for its economic collapse.

    Remember the advice that guys are always given?
    “When women tell you about things that are wrong in their lives, they don’t want you to fix them, they just want you to listen.”

    Well, that’s what’s happening: there’s a lot of listening and no fixing.

    At the end of the day, guy’s need the three F’s

    Someone to fuck
    Someone to fight
    Something to fix.

    All three are being constricted.

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