5 thoughts on “I’ve Located Footage Of God’s Satellite Dish Installers In Action

  1. Nice granite.

    They started before dawn, with headlamps, and did the knife ridge right at noon, it seems, since at first the north face is in shade, but at the end he’s casting a shadow in the lit-up right side.

    It is never a great idea to wear gloves, but since there aren’t any “technical” moves, so be it. A little bit wimpy to straddle, where it would be more positive (safe) to oppose on the south side with feet and hands on the edge. Might be some friable rock, which is the only danger.

    All together, what was described by early climbing texts as, “an easy day for a lady.” Ahem. As I type this from my safe perch…

  2. It must take a pretty huge effort to get up there. I’d gladly expend twice that effort to avoid having to be there.


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